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We specialise in installation of set top boxes, whether satellite dish or UHF aerial receivers and recorders, and all TV aerial and cabling installation.

What is Free View? PDF Print E-mail

A brief explination...

Freeview is New Zealand’s free-to-air digital television and radio service bringing you your favourite programmes in digital quality for free.

Free digital television is available around the world and Freeview is here to ensure all New Zealanders have the opportunity to experience it.

Freeview was introduced to:

  • try and preserve audience share for free-to-air broadcasters,
  • to provide consumers with a choice for digital broadcasting and
  • to support progress towards digital switch over

Freeview is the replacement for analogue TV. To continue to watch free TV at digital switch over, you'll need a Freeview receiver.

Benefits of Free View...

Digital quality reception for all New Zealanders

  • DVD quality widescreen picture and sound
  • New channels that are not available on analogue
  • No monthly fees and no contracts
  • 8-day Freeview onscreen TV guide.
  • Teletext service
  • Captioning for the hearing impaired.
  • Parental control

Who is Free View?

Freeview was established by New Zealand's leading broadcasters including TVNZ, TVWorks (owners of TV3 and C4), Maori Television Service, and Radio New Zealand to bring you a range of digital TV and radio channels with no monthly subscription.

In total there are 22 television and radio channels.

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